River City Pinball League
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Low Rise Low Rise
Earned for moving up a group with the minimum points possible.

Introduced 05/15/2012

Players With This Badge (22)

PlayerDate Earned
Mike Corica05/23/2019
Roger Martin05/02/2019
Andy Specht05/02/2019
Kevin Charleton02/21/2019
Corey Kling01/31/2019
Kathy Bobeck01/17/2019
Liz Lucas11/08/2018
Fred Thumma10/18/2018
Nick Mirando04/19/2018
Carl Brinkerhoff02/15/2018
Scott Van Horne10/26/2017
Tina Bowman07/20/2017
Gary Henk05/25/2017
Janelle Spencer05/18/2017
Jannene Miller01/26/2017
Nicholas Sgouros11/03/2016
Dan Fry10/27/2016
Jim Beekler02/17/2016
Scott Bell01/20/2016
Dave Lucas01/13/2016
Ben Ladieu01/06/2016
Justin Semke01/06/2016